HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster

HODINKEE, the watch blog that we all either love or hate has just released another collaboration, this time with Omega.

In honor of HODINKEE’s 10 year anniversary as a company, they are releasing 500 specially designed Speedmasters inspired by HODINKEE founder, Ben Clymer’s MK40 Speedmaster that he received from his grandfather as a teen and which he claims inspired him to create HODINKEE.


The watch has a 39.7mm steel case with solid caseback. The caseback sports the Omega Seahorse as well as the engrraving, “10th Anniversary HODINKEE”. Inside is the manually-wound, three-register chronograph movement 1861. The watch has a black aluminum bezel. That watch comes with not just one strap, but two: a dark grey calfskin and a dark grey nylon nato. The watch gets more than just a touch of color with the dial and hands. The hour and minute hand are black and white, the running seconds hand is blue on a blue and grey subdial. The chronograph second hand is red with a yellow tip, while the minute and hour registers have red arrow hands.

This is not a watch that you would wear with a tux or really to any formal event. Rather, this watch would look right at home in a flight suit or with shorts and a t-shirt on the weekend.

As stated before, there will be only 500 pieces madel. They can be ordered online through HODINKEE (sold out) or through your Omega Boutique.


The response to the HODINKEE/Omega collaboration seems to be evenly split through the watch community with some collectors loving it and others hating it.

Many of those that dislike the watch, state that they do so because in their mind, Omega already has already released too many special additions in the past year, specifically the Ultraman and the #speedytuesday.

I can understand the gripe and do feel that it is warranted because by adding another limited edition, Omega is potentially devaluing the other limited editions.

I do not fault Mr. Clymer or HODINKEE at all for the collaboration. I think that this is the perfect way to celebrate being in business for a decade, by celebrating the watch that started it all. I do think that they made too many though. HODINKEE would have been better suited to make 10% of what they actually made to give to employees, investors, family, and friends. This would make the watch much more exclusive and in my mind, much more special for those directly involved with HODINKEE.

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