A large part of being a member in the high-end watch community is making room for new watches – meaning that at some point, you will likely find yourself in the position of selling a watch.

After much experience selling watches on their own, Denver Watch Geek understands how difficult the selling process can be, all the way from appraisal to avoiding payment scams and issues.

As a part of Denver Watch Geek’s services, we want to help you avoid this tediousĀ  process. We can give you a fair appraisal of your watch and buy it on the spot via a transparent process. No more guessing what your watch will eventually sell for – we will tell you what we expect and notify you of the final price.

We also offer consigning for a small fee. If you want to receive the maximum value for your watch but still don’t want to get caught in common payment scams, we suggest you take this route. However we do advise that this will be a longer process. We will hold your watch up to 90 days for the consignment fee.

Please, feel free to contact us for more information.

All watches we consign or purchase are professionally cleaned, pressure tested, and photographed.